Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing A Necklace

When it comes to jewelry, necklaces are some of the most versatile and beautiful pieces you can own. They come in many different styles, materials, colors, with a variety of gemstones, beads, and beyond, from delicate and dainty to bold and statement-making. 

One thing we know for sure: necklaces are a must in every jewelry box. The best part is that they can change your entire outfit in seconds in an effortless way. The choosing process is very fun, because it’s an opportunity to get to know yourself better while trying gorgeous pieces on. Discover the power of necklaces and make the most of it!

What is the most popular type of necklace?

There are many different types of necklaces, and some are more popular than others. Here’s a few examples of the most common ones:
Topaz Pendant


A pendant necklace is a simple chain with a decorative piece, or pendant, hanging from it. Pendants can be made of a variety of styles, metal types and gemstones. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, from small and discreet to large and bold. They are very delicate, and perfect for adding a little spot of brilliance to your looks!
Statement Necklace

Statement Necklaces

As the name suggests, a statement necklace is designed to make a statement. These necklaces are often bold and eye-catching, with large beads, chunky chains, and oversized pendants. They can be worn with simple outfits to add a pop of color and style. The perfect way to tell the world who you are.
Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces have become a popular trend in recent years. They are a type of necklace that sits snugly around the neck, often with a small pendant or charm hanging from it. Chokers can be made with a variety of materials, from delicate chains to thick bands. This accessory is often used by creative people as a sign of boldness. 
Chain Necklace

Chain Necklaces

A chain necklace is a classic style that will never go out of fashion. These necklaces are made of a simple chain, often with a pendant or charm hanging from it. They come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The point is that no matter the occasion, a chain necklace shows elegance and good taste.
Woman Gold Necklace

What’s the meaning of wearing necklaces?

Depending on the culture, style and materials, necklaces can have many different meanings. Birthstone necklaces, for instance, are a very popular type of jewelry that carries a special meaning to the wearer. Each month has a different birthstone associated with it, and wearing a necklace with your birthstone can bring good luck and positive energy.

religious traditions have their own pendants with special significance. For example, a cross necklace is often worn as a symbol of faith and devotion in Christianity. Not to mention that this piece of jewelry can be used to represent your personal preferences and send the world a message. It’s up to you to decide what kind of meaning you want to give to your necklaces!

How to choose the perfect necklace?

Something very important to consider is your personal style. Do you prefer something simple or creative? A good exercise is thinking about the type of clothes you usually wear and picture a necklace with it. If they complement each other, it’s probably the one.  Different necklaces are appropriate for different occasions.
While a delicate chain necklace is perfect for everyday way, a diamond pendant would be ideal for a party. Here at Lamon Jewelers, our catalog is filled with gorgeous models for whatever occasion and preferences. We’re sure you’ll fall in love!
Pearl Necklace

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