Gabriel & Co. Jewelry

Since it was first established in 1989, Gabriel & Co. has skyrocketed its way up and became America's favorite top selling bridal jewelry designer. But very few people know that Gabriel & Co. does not limit itself solely to engagement rings and wedding bands. It is also renowned worldwide for crafting superior quality jewelry of all kinds. This text will tell you all you need to know not only about Gabriel & Co.’s bridal jewelry, but also their stunning fashion jewelry collection! 
Why choose Gabriel & Co. as your favorite jewelry designer?
There are many great designers in the jewelry market and plenty of options to choose from. So, what makes Gabriel & Co. so special? There are many reasons to choose Gabriel & Co. as your go-to designer for all things jewelry-related. The first is its superior quality and unique jewelry designs, which is responsible for its well-earned reputation, that of being established on solid principles of unmatched craftsmanship.
Why choose Gabriel & Co

Moreover, the brand’s style is timeless, making pieces of jewelry that are perfect fits for people of all ages and generations that never go out of style. Its craftsmanship combines high quality innovative and classic elements in order to craft the most exceptional jewelry on the market.

The entire Gabriel & Co.’s fine fashion jewelry collection features timeless pieces that share one thing in common: the unique ability to imprint a multicultural touch to its pieces, combining diverse cultural influences while it uses fairly sourced material throughout the entire jewelry production line. 

Gabriel & Co.’s Bridal jewelry
engagement rings

Engagement rings

Gabriel & Co.'s engagement rings are stunning and are made to remind the bride-to-be of the happiest moments in her life. Its pieces are designed to look amazing both when worn with wedding bands upon marriage, and alone.

Wedding bands

Wedding bands 

Gabriel & Co.’s wedding bands are the perfect pieces of jewelry to solidify the union of hearts between a couple, as they are genuine tokens of love and commitment that look adorable. The designer offers many charming pieces, among which feature precious metals accented with diamond.

Gabriel & Co. Fine Jewelry
Gabriel & Co.’s fashion pieces include exclusive earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and fashion rings that are
perfect to make you shine bright and walk around being the best version of yourself every day!


Earrings are one of the most popular and versatile pieces in the fashion industry. They come in endless combinations of styles, colors and shapes. There are earring styles for any possible occasion, and to express any mood.

Because they allow you to express yourself however you want, Gabriel & Co.'s fashion earrings allow you to feel like the best version of yourself while you mix, match, and accessorize with earrings.   




Necklaces are classy and elegant and can be cleverly matched and refined when you choose to wear a matching pendant with them. Not only that but, when paired with the right subtle earrings, the combination can bring perfect harmony to your look. 

Our selection of Gabriel & Co. necklaces feature precious gems, such as diamonds, and many other gemstones that are guaranteed to upgrade your jewelry box, allowing you to put together amazing looks in the blink of an eye!




Bracelets are extremely versatile and lovely pieces of jewelry that are super versatile and come in various styles, designs, and materials. They can either fit tightly or loose around the wearer's wrist. Likewise, they can also fully encircle the wrists or not. The possibilities are endless! 

So, finding the Gabriel and Co. bracelets for you is an easy task. You can choose among bangles, cuffs, chains, and tennis bracelets, or a combination of them. You can also create a fun look with stackable bracelets, a trend that allows you to freely mix and match different styles. Let us know if you'd like guidance on how to pick the perfect bracelet for you or your loved ones! 


Fashion rings

Fashion rings

Gabriel & Co.'s fashion rings look just as stunning as the designer's bridal jewelry line, given that the designer understands rings are key pieces of jewelry for women and men alike. Rings are worn on our hands, so they're one of the first accessories to be noticed in social interactions. 

In addition, the style of a ring has a lot to say about your personal style to others whenever they see you. Accessorize right with rings to leave the best impression not only to others, but also to yourself; whether it be when you look at yourself in the mirror, greet someone, or simply reach for your phone on a daily basis. 

Where to get the best Gabriel & Co. pieces in Tennessee 

At this point, it's easy for you to see why Gabriel & Co. was the lead in sales and was voted “Top Jewelry Brand” in bridal and fashion fine jewelry in America for the sixth consecutive year in 2021 - according to the INSTORE magazine, the authority when it comes to jewelry inspiration for so many brides and grooms countrywide and overseas.

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