Fabulous Engagement Rings to Show The World You’re Together At Last!

In modern days, nobody needs an explanation as to ­what exactly engagement rings are, and that is because they’ve been inspiring couples in love for decades.
These beautiful rings convey a message of love, care, and loyalty, and the designs have grown to include contemporary takes on classics and bold styles featuring intricate details. For the more traditional, there are lovely options that offer antique inspiration while still showcasing the highest quality.

Finding the perfect engagement ring for the person you love is a little challenging. So, here we list rings which pack a punch while looking as dazzling as we expect of a ring to be a token of your love. Enjoy!


Engagement ring styles
Three Stone Engagement Ring


Three Stone

The three-stone engagement ring oozes radiance from all sides. The design features two smaller stones flanking a large one at the center—representing your past, present, and future.
If your partner can’t decide between a diamond or colored stone engagement ring, this is a great ring style to get the best of both worlds with a swoon-worthy effect!
Another bonus is that you can pick out diamonds (or gems) of different shapes, such as a round diamond flanked by emerald-cut diamonds or a pear-shaped diamond flanked by round diamonds—the sky’s the limit!
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Solitaire Engagement Ring



The solitaire ring emanates sophistication and class in a design that highlights the center stone, resulting in a dreamy and radiant effect.
If you’re looking for elegance and simplicity, the solitaire is one of the most iconic designs for a reason. This is a timeless ring which looks spectacular.
This is the ring that has kept the tradition of engagement rings alive and made many women ecstatic with the design.
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Straight Engagement Ring



Straight engagement rings are the embodiment of love, with a dazzling silhouette we like to admire.
The design goes one step beyond the solitary sleek curves—for those looking for just a little more glam—straight engagement rings come accented with diamonds along the entire band. They help reflect the light of the center stone beautifully.
Straight rings pair easily with other rings, making them favorites for matching sets of engagement rings and wedding bands.
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Halo Engagement Ring



This is a well-adorned and ultra-romantic engagement ring which features a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds.
The diamonds in this design create the illusion of a larger ring, making it a lovely option for center diamonds of low carat.  
If you want a ring that hints at vintage styles but that’s still modern and swoon-worthy, this is the ring for you.
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Double Halo Engagement Ring


Double Halo

For something even more glamorous, add an extra row of diamonds to a halo engagement ring, and you have a double halo ring which is guaranteed to be the center of attention.
This style is the epitome of romance and earnestness. The double halo design is not only incredibly bright, but it’s also comfortable to wear and can be selected in a variety of center stone shapes.
There’s nothing not to love in a double halo ring. Your sweetheart will forever gaze at it admiringly as it reflects the sunlight in all directions.
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Vintage Engagement Ring



Vintage engagement rings shine and charm wherever you go with floral and milgrain inspiration.
There’s a wide variety of options to choose from, with designs ranging from early Victorian inspiration to Art Deco and Edwardian. No matter what your favorite take on vintage is, a romantic representation of your love and feelings is always guaranteed here.
Creative brides-to-be love the exuberant power of vintage-inspired rings. The result is dreamy and shows that you’re perfect for each other.
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Split Shank Engagement Ring


Split Shank

The design in this engagement ring creates a stunning aura with a very detailed band—a split shank runs to the center of the ring to support the central stone.
The split-shank style often features rows of accented diamonds, creating an eye-catching effect which begs for a closer look.
This ring isn’t only intriguing because of a peek of the finger, but the cleaved band also creates the illusion of a bigger ring. Choose this style if you know your partner is a fan of well-balanced ring designs.
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The Four Cs

When you opt for a diamond ring, you need to decide on the best balance
between the properties of a diamond—carat, clarity, color, and cut—also known as the 4Cs.
Nature Diamond


Carat represents the weight of your diamond, while Clarity indicates the level of imperfections in it (these imperfections are called inclusions, and they occur naturally. The fewer inclusions, though, the more flawless your diamond is).

Color indicates the purity of a diamond. The grading ranges from a scale of complete transparency to yellow undertones. The diamond Cut is done so that a diamond displays the maximum brilliance and light reflection it can.

Diamond Cuts

Remember, even if a diamond has a great degree of color and clarity, it will lack brilliance if the cut is not performed well. Here are the most popular cut shapes:
• Round
• Oval
• Cushion
• Princess
• Emerald
• Pear
• Marquise

If you have more questions on finding the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, visit our guide here.

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