Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Styles


The three-stone engagement ring radiates brilliance from all sides. The design features two smaller stones flanking a large one at the center — representing your past, present, and future. Another interpretation is that the three stones represent the pillars of a relationship: friendship, love, and fidelity. This ring can also represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Regardless of which of these meanings speaks to you, one thing is certain: this ring is the perfect symbol of a meaningful relationship.

If your partner can’t decide between a diamond or colored stone engagement ring, this is a great ring style to get the best of both worlds with a swoon-worthy effect! Popular choices for gemstones to include in a three-stone ring include the sapphire, which typically stands for loyalty, and the ruby, which represents passion. 

Another bonus is that you can pick out diamonds (or gems) of different shapes, such as a round diamond flanked by emerald-cut diamonds or a pear-shaped diamond flanked by round diamonds — the sky’s the limit!

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The solitaire ring emanates sophistication and class in a design that highlights the center stone, resulting in a dreamy and radiant effect.
If you’re looking for elegance and simplicity, the solitaire is one of the most iconic designs for a reason. This is a timeless ring which looks spectacular. The simplicity of this ring brings all of the attention to the shine of the stone. The singular stone is also said to represent the unity between a couple, and how they are now one.
This style has kept the tradition of engagement rings alive and made many women fall in love with the design.
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Straight engagement rings are the embodiment of love, with a dazzling silhouette that’s impossible to ignore.
The design goes one step beyond the solitaire’s sleek curves. For those looking for a little more glam, Straight engagement rings are accented with diamonds along the band that reflect the light of the center stone beautifully.

Straight diamond rings pair easily with other rings, making them favorites for matching sets of engagement rings and wedding bands. Much like the solitaire, this ring has been enduringly popular for many years due to its classic shape. 
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This well-adorned and ultra-romantic engagement ring features a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. These smaller diamonds not only add to the overall shine of the center diamond, but also create an illusion of a larger stone by reflecting light and adding depth to the overall appearance.
If you want a ring that is inspired by vintage styles but is still modern and swoon-worthy, this is the ring for you.
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Double Halo

double halo

For something even more glamorous, add an extra row of diamonds to create a double halo engagement ring! These are guaranteed to be the center of attention.
This style is the epitome of romance. The double halo design can be interpreted as two people coming together – the two rows of diamonds – to become one.
With its visual impact and symbolism, there’s nothing not to love in a double halo ring. Your spouse will forever gaze at it admiringly as it reflects the sunlight in all directions.
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Vintage engagement rings shine and add charm wherever you go with floral and milgrain inspiration.
There’s a wide variety of options to choose from, with designs ranging from early Victorian inspiration to Art Deco and Edwardian. No matter what your favorite take on vintage is, a romantic representation of your love and feelings is always guaranteed with these rings.
Creative brides-to-be love the exuberant power of vintage-inspired rings. The result is dreamy and shows that your love is just as timeless as these rings.
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Split Shank

Split Shank

The design in this engagement ring creates a stunning aura with a very detailed band — with the shank in the ring separating into two strands that creates an open space in the ring’s band.
The split-shank style often features rows of accented diamonds, creating an eye-catching effect which begs for a closer look.
This ring isn’t only intriguing because of the negative space, but the open band also creates the illusion of a bigger ring. Choose this style if you know your partner is a fan of well-balanced and distinctive ring designs.
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The Four Cs

When you opt for a diamond ring, you need to decide on the best balance between the properties of a diamond — carat, clarity, color, and cut — also known as the 4 Cs.

Carat represents the weight of your diamond, while Clarity indicates the level of imperfections in it. These imperfections are called inclusions, and they occur naturally. The fewer inclusions, the more flawless your diamond is.

Color indicates the purity of a diamond. The grading ranges from a scale of complete transparency to yellow undertones. 

The diamond Cut is done so that a diamond displays the maximum brilliance and light reflection.
Remember, even if a diamond has a great degree of color and clarity, it will lack brilliance if the cut is not performed well. Here are the most popular cut shapes:
 If you have more questions on finding the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, visit our guide here.

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