The Ultimate Guide On Wedding Bands

Engagement rings are but the beginning of a beautiful love story. Wedding bands, on the other hand, solidify and renew the vows the lovers made to each other and therefore, their importance should not be underestimated when it comes to expressing love other than saying words to your loved one.

If you want to reinforce your commitment for your soulmate, read this guide until the end. It'll help you step up your game and take your love bond to another level! In particular, if you’re new to the wedding band universe, this guide will explain all the different options and wedding band styles for you to choose from.  
First things first: what are wedding bands and how are they used?
wedding bands
It’s easy to see that wedding bands do relate to marriage, and albeit commonly confused with engagement rings, these rings are exchanged at the wedding ceremony, following the vows made for each other. As such, the two represent different phases of a love relationship. 

So if an engagement ring is a promise that a couple will be together and choose to marry, a wedding band is a token of the two reaching that level of commitment after they're in fact married. And the cool thing about them is that you can choose to renew this vow multiple times, for instance, on wedding anniversaries or other special dates that have special meaning to the couple.

Wedding bands should be worn on the left hand’s ring finger. Some people only wear wedding bands after marriage, but if you want to wear the engagement ring along with it, then the next question becomes: where should it be in relation to the engagement ring? You can either wear them on top of the ring, to show it was acquired after the marriage and hence keeping the natural order of events. 

Yet, alternatively, you can also wear the engagement ring on top of the wedding band. This way, which is the most traditional way to wear them, gives special emphasis to the engagement ring, as it usually becomes the first thing to be noticed. Not only that, but it symbolizes that the wedding band, that is, the vow renewal, is placed closer to the heart than the engagement ring itself. 

How to pick the perfect wedding band for her 
perfect wedding band
One thing to remember is that women considering getting a wedding band are already married, so they already have an engagement ring. If they're planning on wearing it together with the wedding band, we need to take into account the fact that chances are she’ll want them to match one another, just like she would with any jewelry piece. 

This is a helpful tip because it can help you narrow down a few options, if you focus on what would ideally match the engagement ring. But regardless of that, remember that, other than simply matching the engagement ring to complement it, the wedding band needs to match one’s personal style, just like anything we choose to wear on a daily basis. 

So also make sure the wedding band not only will be comfortable but also beautiful and that it would look good on your soulmate altogether. Yes, the options are endless, but we’re here to help, so our experts are more than happy  to help you find a good match for her, one that she’ll love to get and that speaks to her personal style. 

How to pick the perfect wedding band for him 

As for men, since they are pretty much going to wear just the wedding band on their hand, then the choice definitely needs to be one that'll match his style, personality and physical features such as skin undertone, to make sure it’ll also look just as well on him as it'll look on his sweetheart.

Do the couple’s wedding bands need to match?
diferent wedding bands

That brings us to another question, which is if wedding bands need to match. Traditionally, these two pieces would match for the two lovers, but over time, this perception stopped being a prerequisite, so this should be a couple’s decision, made by the two of them after an agreement has been reached. 

After all, we are all different and have our own particularities, and couples are no exception to that. Plus, if we take into account factors such as personal taste, it would be a bummer to invest in a wedding band to then end up not using it for not feeling comfortable in terms of the way it looks or feels. So ultimately, what matters the most is if the bands feel right for each other, as well as for the couple itself. 

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