The Guide You Need To Read Before Buying Citizen Watches

Watches have been a staple piece in our jewelry box for decades. They combine the best of both worlds by being useful and beautiful at the same time. Choosing a nice timepiece to keep you on time while also looking your best can be a tough decision. With so many models, options and colors, it’s normal to be confused.
First of all, we want you to buy a watch that will last for a lifetime. So, quality is an absolute must. Here at
Lamon Jewelers, we only work with the best designers, saving you from worrying about whether or not a brand is trustworthy. If you are looking for a stylish timepiece, let us introduce you to Citizen Watches, an eco-friendly brand with sophisticated stainless steel watches! Dive in!

Citizen Watches’ History

“We want to make watches that many people will use and cherish for a long time.” That’s the philosophy of one of the biggest watch brands on the market these days. Founded in 1918 in Japan, Citizen Watches was the first brand to create quartz and titanium watches.
Citizen Watches history
Even after so many years, their values remain the same: innovative mindset, technical precision, pieces crafted with high standards and excellence in design. Their catalog is complete: you will find everything from sports watches to sophisticated timepieces. They are that versatile! 

An interesting fact about their production is that everything is integrated. All the watch components are made in-house, back in Japan. Even the machines that make the parts are manufactured by Citizen. When you’re ready to choose your Citizen Watch, just remember that it was produced with the highest quality standards possible!

Their latest record-breaking achievement was in 2019, when they created the most accurate watch in the world. They used  an AT cut crystal oscillator instead of the standard one. The result was an ultra-precise Citizen Watch, with ±1 second accuracy. Needless to say they caused a real buzz on the market. 

Is Citizen Watch a luxury brand?

In order to be considered a luxury brand, there are some criteria that must be met. They are important values and express, among other things,
their commitment to the customers. Some examples are creativity, innovation, responsibility, exclusivity, superior performance,
sophistication and craftsmanship.
Citizen Watch a luxury brand
Do you know the best part? A brand can’t claim a “luxury” label for itself. This title must be earned in the mind and the heart of the customers. This is a true acknowledgement of quality, and everyone agrees that Citizen Watches goes the extra mile when it comes to satisfying their clientele. 

So, the answer is: yes! Citizen Watch is a luxury brand, according to thousands of happy customers around the globe. They’ve become a synonym of sophistication for both men and women! A nice timepiece has the power to add personality to any look, in the best way possible. 

What is unique about Citizen Watches?


Some of their main concerns are with sustainability and strategies to reduce pollution. That’s how the Eco-Drive line came to life, and it became a milestone in the history of eco-friendly timepieces. They created a solar panel that goes under the watch’s case in quartz models, allowing it to recharge. 

This cutting edge technology means that you’ll probably never run out of battery, because it’ll truly last a lifetime. The best part of this creation is that all kinds of light sources can charge your watch, both natural and artificial. 

Citizen launched a call-to-action initiative to rescue 1 million watch batteries by 2024. According to their data, the Eco-Drive models avoided the disposal of 10 million batteries, only in North America. They have been working hard to keep batteries away from landfills for over 46 years. You’re not only buying a watch, you’re also contributing to a cleaner environment.

The best place to find Citizen Watches in Knoxville, Maryville and Gatlinburg, TN

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