A Guide to Get to Know
Ball Watch Co.

Timepieces are a true investment. If you’re looking for one, you already know that. The time when watches were used exclusively for telling the time is way past us. They are still useful for that function, but they are now also powerful fashion accessories, combining the best of both worlds.
When it comes to choosing a brand, we understand that it might be difficult due to every customer’s unique needs. Ball Watch Co. has become one of the most respected brands in the US, and it’s perfect for those who enjoy an industrial style. Since here at Lamon Jewelers we only work with the best, we’d like to introduce you to Ball Watch with this guide. Enjoy!
Ball Watch Co.’s history

Ball Watch Co.’s history

Ball Watch Co.’s history goes back to the start of the American railroads. Before trains, there was no precise device to help keep track of time. In 1883, the Standard Time was adopted, dividing the country into four time zones. This was also the year that Webb C. Ball was the very first jeweler to use time signals, in Cleveland.
His invention provided an accurate time, and earned Webb the official title of “Chief Inspector for the Lines.” His system covered 75% of the railroads in the country, not to mention Mexico and Canada. After a terrible accident due to watches’ malfunctioning, Webb was called to check all the timepieces. He ended up setting stricter standards, forbidding variations among the pieces.
His name became a symbol of punctuality, as his system was adopted around the country. His innovation is part of the reason that railroad workers were once well known for always knowing the correct time. Since then, the brand’s attention to details combined with industrial functions assumed the title of most respected and well-established watch brand in the country.

What are Ball Watches known for?

What are Ball Watches known for

With the motto “Accuracy under adverse conditions,” their background speaks for itself. From pocket watches to wrist ones, the brand has been leaving its mark on the industry and drawing people’s attention. Their catalog has also gotten more extensive, with models such as Trainmaster, Ball Engineer, Time Trekker, Roadmaster and Fireman Racer.

Their primary focus lies with creating  high-end watches that survive under pressure. Inspired by freedom and overcoming obstacles, they design timepieces for people that dream about a meaningful life. They create watches that will endure the most adverse situations. 

Plus, they are based in Switzerland and are considered a luxury brand. This title can’t be claimed by the brand itself. Considering that it has to be earned based on the satisfaction of the customers, it’s safe to say that the Ball Watch brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to fulfilling their promises. 

How long do Ball Watches last?

How long do Ball Watches last?

Well, forever. Made out of stainless steel, your timepiece won’t show signs of wear and tear anytime soon. Plus, whatever your needs are, there's a Ball Watch model for you. Our selection at Lamon Jewelers is extensive, and certainly has the piece for you. 

If you’re looking for a piece to complement your outfit and make you look even more fashionable, you’ve found it! Overall, their models are very resistant to scratches and are extremely accurate. 

An interesting fact about Ball Watch models is that they maintain dials with the design guidelines of the standard railway watch. Every tiny detail was considered by the founder in his pursuit for precision, and this is a legacy that Ball Watch maintains. 

Where to find Ball Watches Co. in Knoxville and Maryville, TN

For over 40 years, Lamon Jewelers has been a family owned business that prioritizes customer experience and satisfaction. We’ve carefully curated an atmosphere that feels as warm and welcoming as home. Our log cabin jewelry store is filled with stunning jewelry for every occasion, and our team of experts is always ready to help. 

We are a down-to-earth retailer that values honesty and respect for all clients. Our second generation of jewelers always jumps at the opportunity to provide a 5 star service. No matter the occasion, we’re sure you will find a perfect Ball Watch that suits your style. 

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