The Final Guide to Finding The Wedding Band Of Your Dreams

This is the moment you’ve waited for. Saying, “I do,” after seeing your partner walking down the aisle, looking prettier than ever before. Until this moment comes, there’s a lot of things to take care of. The most important one is finding the perfect wedding band to symbolize your union. 

It’s not the easiest choice, especially because this band is going to be permanent and eternal, like your love for each other. There are hundreds of models, colors and metals, but the best part is that everything is much easier with the help of an expert. Enjoy this guide we’ve prepared to help you through it!
How important is the wedding band?
The whole meaning behind this keepsake is very romantic. Since ancient times, wedding bands have been exchanged as a promise of commitment and love. And, if you ever wondered why the band is always placed on the left hand, here’s why: our ancestors believed that there was a vein connecting the heart to the left finger.
The vein received the name ‘vein of love,’ and that’s the most romantic reason to wear breathtaking wedding bands with your partner. Remember that this detail might seem small, but it’s the only material thing that will be permanent in your marriage. The dress, the make up, the party and the food, it all goes away as the day ends.
How important is the wedding band
Here at Lamon Jewelers, you’ll fall in love once again after finding the wedding band of your dreams. Let our experts help you find the one. An interesting thing about this process is that wedding bands don’t have to match. So, you and your better half are free to choose the piece that best fits your own style.
Men’s wedding band options are growing, and getting more and more popular. There’s no rule that dictates you should match your bands. Fashion has given the couples alternatives to be creative while expressing their devotion to each other.
What is the best metal for a wedding band?
This is a very common question during the choosing process. The answer will depend on your lifestyle and your personal preferences. The all time favorite is gold, due to its durability and resistance. This precious metal is timeless and will last a lifetime.
the best metal

The options include white, yellow and rose gold, each with their own beauty that will surely add sophistication to your looks. Our catalog at Lamon Jewelers was handpicked to offer you only the best designers available. 

Our selection includes pieces with intricate details, classic models and even bands bejeweled with diamonds. The wedding band of your dreams is here, just waiting for you! Don’t forget to prioritize your comfort, too. A well-crafted piece will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.
What is the difference between engagement rings and wedding bands?
wedding bands

Engagement rings, usually, are used as a surprise during the proposal. It symbolizes the upcoming event with a breathtaking diamond or other stunning gemstones. The piece is also worn on the left hand, and after the wedding, both the engagement ring and wedding band can be worn together in a lovely set.
As for the wedding band, it’s exchanged during the ceremony and it represents your love and life as a couple. The band can have intricate details, gemstones or be plain, it all depends on you and your significant other’s preferences. Remember: they don’t have to match, so set your imagination free and enjoy your big day!

Where to find stunning wedding bands in Knoxville, Maryville and Gatlinburg, TN

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